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  • Can I protect my home insurance No Claim Discount?
    Belongs to: My cover , Home insurance
    If you've built up your No Claim Discount (NCD) it's disappointing to lose it if you need to claim. If you have our full 5 years NCD then you will be eligible to protect your discount. Protected NCD ...
    Last updated: 06/12/2016
  • How can I view my policy documents?
    Belongs to: My cover , Home insurance
    Here at, we operate as an online, self service insurer – which helps to keep your premium low. This means that you can download all of your documents in your My account. You just nee...
    Last updated: 18/09/2018
  • Legal service cover
    Belongs to: My cover , Home insurance
    Our customers have told us that they find legal matters complicated and difficult to understand. As a result we have put together some information which you might find useful in understanding how the ...
    Last updated: 30/11/2016
  • What kind of property do you cover?
    Belongs to: My cover , Home insurance
    We can only cover homes that meet the following criteria: Will cost up to £500,000 to rebuild Has up to £100,000 worth of contents Has a maximum of 5 adults and/or 5 children living there Hasn’t...
    Last updated: 10/04/2017
  • Do I need to increase my valuables cover?
    Belongs to: My cover , Home insurance
    If your valuables are worth more in total than the amount shown on your Policy Schedule or quotation, then you might need to increase the cover for valuables on your policy. You can update this by fo...
    Last updated: 06/12/2016
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