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How do I upload my proof of No claim discount (NCD)?

We may have already automatically verified your NCD in which case you won’t need to upload proof.

You will have a notification in your My account advising whether we have already automatically validated your NCD or providing a link to do so if we still need proof.

We're an online-only company, so the only way you can submit your proof of No claim discount is to upload it.

You must upload your proof of No claim discount within 26 days of your policy start date. Unfortunately, if you fail to upload it in time, we will have to cancel your policy.


Step 1 - Preparing your NCD for upload

If it is a paper document:

  • Simply scan it or take a photograph of it with your camera phone or digital camera.

If it is an email:

  • Take a screenshot of it, or
  • Print it out and either scan it or take a photograph as if it is a paper document

In each case make sure the image is nice and clear - we need to able to check all the information outlined in our criteria. We accept most type of image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .pdf, .gif).

Step 2 - Uploading your NCD

  • Log into your My account
  • Scroll down to "My policies" section
  • Click on the quick link for Upload NCD
  • Click browse then select your proof of NCD
  • Now read the terms and conditions and check the box if you agree
  • Click upload and you're done!

Please note: if the Upload NCD link does not appear in your My account, it may be that we have automatically validated your NCD and you don’t need to upload any proof. Please check for a notification in your My account to see if we have automatically validated your NCD.


What next?

We'll send you an email within 2 working days confirming whether your proof of NCD meets our criteria or not.

If the NCD years on your proof of NCD is less than what you stated when you bought the policy we may:

Reduce the number of years NCD to match what's on your document. This may increase your premium.


We will cancel your policy. This may incur a cancellation fee of £50 (plus Insurance Premium Tax where applicable), inclusive of a charge for any time on cover as per the terms stated in your policy document.

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