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What do you accept as proof of No claim discount?

If we've not been able to automatically validate your No claim discount (NCD), you'll need to upload a copy of your proof to your My account.

Your proof of No claim discount (NCD) is provided on the renewal invitation from your previous insurer, or by a proof of NCD letter. Your previous insurer may have posted or emailed this to you. If you can't find this please ask your previous insurer to resend it to you. We cannot do this for you.

We accept:

  • Your renewal invitation or proof of NCD letter only, clearly displaying your NCD years on headed paper.
  • Your NCD can only be used on 1 vehicle at a time so it must not be in use on any other car insurance policy.
  • Your NCD must be from a policy that expired within the last 24 months.
  • It must show discount earned on a private car and not a company car, classic car, motorcycle or van.
  • Shows your car registration number.
  • Shows your postcode.
  • Shows your previous insurer's name.
  • Is in English language.
  • Issued by a UK or EU (or an insurer from a country the DVLA includes in their license exchange scheme).

Once you've got your No claim discount, click here to find out how to upload this to us.

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