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Can I protect my home insurance No claim discount?

If you've built up your No claim discount (NCD) it's disappointing to lose it if you need to claim. If you have our full 5 years NCD then you will be eligible to protect your discount.

Protected NCD for buildings allows you to make two buildings claims in a five year period without losing any of your discounts. A third claim during this period would result in all your buildings discount being lost.

Protected NCD for contents also allows you to make two contents claims in a five year period without losing any discount. A third claim during the 5 years results in your discount stepping back 3 years on our scale with a fourth claim resulting in you losing all your contents discount.

If NCD is lost following claims, you can protect it again once you reach a 5 year NCD entitlement.

You can find out how to add protected NCD here.

For more information on this type of cover, please check your Home Insurance Policy or Policy Schedule, which you can download in the Documents section of your My account.

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