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How is my driver rating calculated?

Driver ratings are based on the severity and duration of driving events including harsh acceleration, hard braking, speeding over the limit, tight cornering and phone use whilst the car is in motion. A red driver rating could result from more severe events (e.g. extremely hard braking), from events that occur more frequently and from events with a longer duration. The length and context of the trip as well as the time of day and road type are also taken into consideration.

Distracted driving severity is determined based on the speed of the vehicle, the type of distraction and the duration of the distraction. Receiving or placing a phone call using a handsfree system (even while stationary if the engine is still running) is of the lowest severity, use of the speakerphone during a phone call is of medium severity, and handheld use of the phone is of the highest severity.

Individual trip ratings are weighted and combined into an overall rating.

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