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How does it work?

The app will tell us if you're driving safely and you can check your driver rating and trips anytime. We'll measure how smoothly you drive as well as your speed, usage and your phone use. Your weekly driver rating will be categorised in to gold, green, amber or red. You should aim to have trips and driver ratings in green and gold where you can earn points and could pay less at renewal.

If your weekly driver rating is in amber we'll send you pointers to improve and avoid a red driver rating.

If your trips result in a red driver rated week we'll show you where you can improve with videos and personalised feedback and give you a further week to improve. If you do not improve during the following week and receive another red driver rated week or if you have four separate red weeks in a three month period, we will cancel your policy, giving you seven days written notice to your last known postal or email address. (The three month period starts from when you first register in the app and is reset at three month intervals).

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