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What information does the app and device record/identify?

The app, using sensors in your smartphone, will capture and record the following types of information:

  • Time & date of trips
  • Distance travelled (i.e. miles driven)
  • Car dynamics (i.e. speed, braking, acceleration, cornering)
  • Location data (i.e. GPS coordinates)
  • Smartphone usage (also referred to as distracted driving)
  • Phone call status and audio pathway (to determine if you are on a call and if this is handsfree - no phone call details or conversations will be monitored or recorded)
  • Road type (e.g. rural, urban)
  • Crash detection
  • Trip routes, including location of trip start point and end point.

The device will identify:

  • Car motion to confirm start and end times of trips
  • Crash detection

Other technical information about your smartphone and device, such as battery status/level and Bluetooth connectivity, will also be captured.

Please read the Quotemehappy Connect Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

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