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I've received an alert that my insurance may be cancelled?

If our systems report the app is not performing as expected, due to one or more of the scenarios below, your insurance may be cancelled (we will send you reminders prior to this happening). Some examples are listed below:

  • The device is not paired correctly to your Quotemehappy Connect app
  • App tracking permissions are not enabled
  • The app has been deleted
  • Your smartphone software is not up-to-date
  • The latest version of the app has not been downloaded
  • Movement of your device indicates this has been removed from the car
  • Trip end point and following start point are different indicating a gap in recorded trips
  • No mobile data or wifi connection available
  • Journeys not recording over a prolonged period of time (a holiday for example)

If you are notified by us that your app is not performing as expected, you will be given seven days to rectify the issue. If the issue persists then we may send you a cancellation notice. If you are unsure how to fix the issue and would like some support please contact us.

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